About Us

We are a versatile marine surveying company that understands marine investigation and reporting to meet our client’s needs. We frequently work in conjunction with defense counsel without the need for direct representation. In litigation cases, we present detailed, factual reporting, providing adjustors, defense counsel and the insured with the information needed.

While providing focus and attention to our clients, the surveyors deliver detailed reporting services in a concise and timely manner. Claim documentation is in an accessible database that allows for quick access and reference when needed. Claims are always handled in a professional manner by experienced staff.

Our surveyors are accredited and certified by professional organizations and regularly attend conferences and training seminars to stay up to date with marine industry standards. Our staff is closely involved with marine insurance underwriting and claims organizations. Our training in marine insurance, such as CPCU/AMIM, helps to provide an understanding of our clients needs.

K.D. Moore Associates relationship skills are unsurpassed. Our goal is to make each client feel they are understood and appreciated. K.D. Moore Associates is a family owned business that is able to deliver superior customer service in marine surveying and investigation.

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